Hyannis Harbor: A Natural Deep-Water Harbor for Mega Yachts

Hyannis Harbor is a best kept secret on the east coast among yachtsmen. It is beautiful, well protected, and one of the few natural deep water harbors on Cape Cod with a resort marina that accommodates day sailors to deep draft mega yachts. The well marked channel is MLW 13+ on approach and dockside depth.

Hyannis Marina is within walking distance to beaches, fine restaurants, shopping boutiques and downtown. Central to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, Hyannis Marina has always been a favored resort and yachting destination.

High speed fueling with
truckload pricing on
large quantities

The dock's staff will gladly arrange any special services needed: limo and car rentals, florist, laundry, catering, gourmet cuisine and deli, local airport information, dining reservations, etc. Contact the Dockmaster for any concierge service needed.

  • Crew cars onsite
  • Local Airport 1.5 miles
  • Hired car service available
  • Gourmet provisioning nearby
  • Local specialty food shops
  • Laundry services
  • Local Florist
  • Catering and Local seafood
  • Ready to go Lobster Bakes
  • Well protected harbor
  • Central to the Islands
  • 13′ MLW approach & dockside dpt
  • Large deep draft up to 200′
  • 180 slips, dinghys to mega yachts
  • 2 resturants with pool & cabana bar
  • FREE loaner cars, wi-fi and sat tv